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Native American History

This guide will provide primary and secondary resources on Native American history.


Welcome! This guide provides resources that will help you find the primary and secondary sources needed to complete your assignments. If you need any extra help or just have a question, please contact me at

Guide Contents

Local History

One of the mounds at Moundville, Alabama. Picture from 1902.

Did you know that the largest city in North America (Moundville) once lay a few miles from Tuscaloosa?  Experience Native American culture firsthand at the Moundville site today!  Visit the Moundville Museum in person, less than an hour from Tuscaloosa, or check out their fantastic web site.  Pictured above is one of the mounds at Moundville in 1902.  (Image from the Eugene Allen Smith Collection at the William Stanley Hoole Special Collections Library.  Available through Acumen.)