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OneSearch User Guide: Using the OneSearch

What are we searching again?

OneSearch allows you to simultaneously search through almost every resource type available to the University Libraries. Here are some tips on how to get started. 

1. The Search Bar

OneSeach automatic drop down options

  • Use like a Google search bar to look for an item, resource, or information about the libraries and their services.
  • The automatic drop down will give you links to relevant pages, frequently asked questions, research guides, or commonly sought resources.

2. Navigation Bar

  • Jump to a section in the results page by clicking the section name
  • Clicking on "More Results" will navigate you away from the results page 

3. Individual OneSearch Sections

  • The results page is divided into separate sections based on item type. 
  • Selecting "More Results" will take you directly to the source of those items, such as Scout, or the Libraries' Catalog. 
  • More information about how these sections work can be found under OneSearch Sources