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STEM Business Intelligence (SBI)

Overview of STEM Business Intelligence


The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the University Libraries STEM Business Intelligence (SBI)  and showcase some Bruno Business Library subscription resources.  You will learn more about these and hopefully use them as you advance through the program and work through the modules (embedded within the Blackboard Learn shell for your course) using the link for University Libraries STEM Business Intelligence. 

Some of the sources that we are presenting here on this overview LibGuide underscore the key areas of the Business Model Canvas (BMC).  The BMC provides a workable framework to present a number of sources that support the 9 key areas of that framework.

As you look through this LibGuide you will see some boxes that have titles that reflect the BMC. Use this LibGuide as a reference tool for some of the things you will learn in the modules, as well as a guide to assist you in your research as you are putting your business plan together. 

Best wishes,

Bruno Business Librarians

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas (BMC), found in your textbook (e-book link below), has been used as a guide to turn your attention to some of the Bruno Library subscribed databases that support those key areas such as "Value Proposition" - see Mintel Reports and Academic.  You will find a link to the  LibGuide for the Business Model Canvas (BMC) with related databases for each component---within the GBA 171 - Module 1.  You can also find the Business Model Canvas LibGuide on the Bruno Library website under Resources > Course/Subject Guides. 



STEM Business Intelligence (SBI)

You will use a content delivery platform provided by Articulate 360, and called Rise 360, to access the learning modules for SBI. This particular platform is called a LibGuide and is provided via a company called SpringShare. They produce a number of online service products like this.  

How the SBI Works

  • Each class will have three weeks to review the content modules and answer a Qualtrics survey based on the content of the modules and your use of the database tools. NOTE: IT IS BETTER TO COMPLETE THIS EARLIER IN THE SEMESTER RATHER THAN LATER, AS IT WILL HELP YOU WITH YOUR CLASS! 
  • You can review the material (i.e. modules) as many times as you choose.
  • You will be asked to send a pdf of your Qualtrics survey results to your STEM instructor in order to received credit for this part of your class.
  • Feel free to contact the Bruno Business Librarians if you have any questions.