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Tutorial Videos and Digital Learning Objects

This purpose of this guide is to list tutorial videos and other digital learning objects developed by the University of Alabama Libraries

PubChem SDQ Bibliometrics

Count references and data in PubChem associated with a Chemical Structure from PubMed, Patent, Springer Nature, and Thieme Literature and bioactivity.

PubChem SDQ Literature Search

Search PubChem for PubMed, Patent, Springer Nature, and Thieme Chemistry Literature associated with a Chemical Structure. 

PubChem Similarity Search

Search for chemical structures in PubChem via a Fingerprint Tanimoto Similarity Search. 

PubChem SMARTS Substructure Query

Search for chemical structures in PubChem via a SMARTS substructure query and compile results. 

PubChem Periodic Table Data Tool

For interacting programmatically with PubChem Periodic Table data (PUG VIEW and PUG REST API). 

WorldBank Indicator Data

Allows user to retrieve World Bank Indicator Data (e.g., US and UK country technical information publications and GDP) and plot results. 

Programming with Scholarly API Tutorials

These tutorials allow users to download Live Scripts for MATLAB in GitHub to learn how to use programming methods for scholarly APIs. Each link also includes an HTML preview of how the MATLAB notebook will look once the scripts have been downloaded. All tutorials are licensed with BSD 2-Clause.