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An overview of the citation management software RefWorks.

Adding References in RefWorks

Screenshot of the "Add" button with the option to upload document, import references, or create a new reference.

To upload a reference to RefWorks not directly through a database there are a few options available.

1. One option is to drag a file directly into RefWorks. That can be through a .pdf of an article or source typically.

2. Another way to add a reference is to import them from another citation management software, such as another RefWorks account, Mendeley, or by uploading an RIS file from your local machine.

3. Finally, you can manually type in the reference, inputting all the data in yourself.

Databases that Directly Export to RefWorks

Many databases are easy to use and have the option to directly export to RefWorks. Here are some popular databases where the option to export to RefWorks is either under "Cite" or "Export:"

Cite Export
  • Cambridge Core
  • Gale Academic OneFile
  • ProQuest Newspaper
  • Sage Journals
  • Science Direct
  • Scopus
  • Scout/EBSCO Databases
  • Web of Science
  • Wiley Online Library

Exporting to RefWorks via Project Muse

Project Muse is a popular database that can be difficult to export directly to RefWorks. Fortunately, here are some steps to get you there.

1. After finding an article in Project Muse, pull up the main article page.

2. Click on "Save," which will then say "Saved to MyMUSELibrary."

3. Click on the link "MyMUSELibrary"

4. Once on the "My Account" page, click on the "Cite Library Items" on the left side of the page, under "MyMUSELibrary"

5. Select the article with the checkbox and click "Export to RefWorks"

6. A popup box will prompt you to continue exporting to exporting to RefWorks and then again click on "Export"