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AAST 502/WS 510: Gender and Black Internationalism

A library resource guide for students in AAST 502/WS 510: Gender and Black Internationalism

Searching for Books in Scout

To search for books in Scout, select the Print Books or eBooks limiter on the left side of the results page. (You will have to look at ebooks and print books separately.)

Screenshot of format limiters in Scout with "Print Books" checked.

How to Access E-Books

Ebooks at UA Libraries will look different based on different vendors, but for most of them, you'll want to look  for how to download one or more chapters as a PDF to read offline. The instructions below show an EBSCO ebook (which you're most likely to come across in our collection), but you'll want to follow a similar procedure for all ebooks. Since many ebooks have limits on the number of users who can access them at once, this will keep you from blocking access to other users. You can return to download additional chapters.

Step-by-step instructions:

In the Scout record, look for access options on the upper left (or scroll down to find a link at the bottom of the record). If available, select “PDF Full Text” or “EPUB Full Text.”

A screenshot of an ebook record in Scout with the epub and pdf access options highlighted.


On the next screen, select chapter(s) or pages to download by clicking the download icon next to the chapter you'd like to read. You’ll see information about usage limits above the table of contents.

Screenshot of an EBSCO ebook table of contents with usage permissions and chapter download buttons highlighted.


In the pop-up window, select "chapter" or define your page range and click download. If you hit the download limit, you can return later to download additional pages or chapters.

Screenshot of the chapter download pop-up for EBSCO ebooks