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Money & Stress



Stress - there are various definitions of stress but for this discussion the focus will be on the use of the word as a noun and defined as a constraining force, influence or pressure upon an individual. We all have any number of forces that act upon us at any given time.  Our reaction to these forces can be positive, negative, or neutral.  We can learn how to react positively to many of the stresses that come our way; however, there are often overwhelming forces that come upon us that test our capability to react in positive ways.  One of the chief purposes of personal financial planners is to assist others in managing their finances so those individuals can better pursue other interests and not be burdened or stressed-out with managing their finances. 

Debt Survey


The American Psychological Association (APA)---in their most recent survey---noted that 72% of American's reported feeling stressed about money at least some time in the prior month.