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MKT 411, 476 and 477 [Service Program in Marketing and Supply Chain Management]

Introduction and overview of online subscription sources via the Bruno Library to assist with supply chain management course (i.e. MKT 411).

How to research a company's supply chain

Finding a company's actual suppliers can be challenging.  Many companies do not want to reveal this information to their competitors for obvious reasons.  A lot of this is considered proprietary or private information.

Two databases have searched the news for you. Bloomberg &  Mergent Horizon list suppliers as part of their coverage of company relationships.

In addition, searching SEC filings, the 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K reports, will often result in information about a company's suppliers and partners.

You can search newspapers and trade journals for a mention of a company's suppliers. Search the full-text of the articles. Sometimes suppliers are willing  to report their relationship or contracts with a major company. Go beyond just searching with the keywords - suppliers or supply chain. Look for references to new contracts, joint ventures, partnerships, distributors, etc. Use the following  databases:

  • Business Source Ultimate
    Search over 3,000 business magazines and trade journals.
  • Factiva 
    Provides global business and financial news from newspapers, magazines, newswires, websites and business blogs.