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OneSearch User Guide

What Am I Searching?

OneSearch is a University Libraries' search tool that accesses all of the Libraries’ resources from a single search bar.

Explore this guide to learn more about what you’re searching, how the search works, and tips to get you started

General Information

When I search for resources, I like to use Scout, E-Journals, and individual databases 

Great news! You still have the same access to all of the usual resources at the libraries.

If you have already established research workflows, such as preferred databases or journals, you can always start there.
OneSearch is not meant to be a replacement for those, rather, it’s a complement to the discovery of our resources. 

The following resources are still available and can be accessed from the library homepage or from the large menu at the top of the site:

When to use OneSearch

  • When you're getting started on a research project and you want to see a broad range of resources 
  • When you can’t locate something on the libraries' website, you can use it as a site search 
  • If you're looking for an overview of library resources available on a specific topic
  • If you're looking for library resource suggestions or need help narrowing down a topic 

When NOT to use OneSearch

  • When you're doing advanced research for a topic or subject
  • When you're searching for a specific item title, OneSearch runs a keyword search that does search titles, but also searches other information 
  • If you're starting advanced research on a topic, try the Libraries' Catalog, Scout, or one of our databases 

Behind the Scenes

How does OneSearch work?

OneSearch runs a simultaneous search across 8 different library resource areas and results are presented in 9 separate item type sections. 

Results are displayed in distinct sections, known as the Bento Box interface. Click the below titles to learn more about the sources you are searching: 


OneSearch runs a keyword search in journal titles and full text article content in Scout


OneSearch performs a targeted, full-text search of library website pages and sections


OneSearch searches for keywords in titles and databases descriptions in a custom SQL database.


OneSearch runs a keyword search in book titles using both the Libraries' Catalog and Scout


OneSearch uses a Google API to run a full text keyword search in our FAQ repository. Also known as "Ask a Librarian"


OneSearch runs a keyword search in titles and full text of our Special Collections Digital Archive.


OneSearch runs a keyword search in journal titles and journal collections, in both Scout and our E-Resources database.

Research Guides

OneSearch uses a Google API to run a keyword search in titles and full text for our research guides. 

Other Items

OneSearch runs a keyword and item type search in the Libraries' catalog and Scout, to retrieve media items such as videos, DVDs, CDs, etc.

Phantom Open Emoji maintainers and contributors [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons