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MGT 484 Small Business Management


This site will contain the resources needed for MGT 422/522.  Contents include:

This is the first place to start most research projects.  Scout is the library catalog (plus lots of other stuff).  Very easy to use and much of the electronic information can be downloaded.

News Articles and Academic Articles
Find news stories, broadcast transcripts and academic articles on any most all business-related subjects.

Company Resources
Get information on both foreign and domestic companies.  Databases provide data on private and public companies.  Items can range from business descriptions, competition, analyst reports, financial statements and key people.

Industry and Market Information
Industry databases include key suppliers, competitors and consumers of a product/service.  Includes items such as SWOT, PESTL and 5 Forces analysis.

Market information allows you to drill down into key consumer segments and find our who customers are, what they do, how much they earn etc.

Government Sources
Just a few of the more frequented government information sites.  These can produce both current and archival data sets on census, business and spending.

How to cite these sources
Sources to easily cite the data items you find in the previously mentioned resources.