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Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation Statistics

Full Pay Ratio Datasets

The CEO Pay Ratio is published each year.  The datasets are available through the University of Alabama's Institutional Repository as Excel downloadable files.

Variables available:

Company Name
Principal Executive Officer
Fiscal Year
Female PEO (Yes/No)
Pay Ratio
PEO Compensation
Median Employee Pay
Determination Date
Employees Included
De Minimis Value Used (Yes/No)
De Minimis Employee number


Annualized (Yes/No)
Alternative Ratio Provided (Yes/No)
Alternative Ratio
Alternative Ratio Description
Cost Of Living Allowance (Yes/No)
Multiple PEOs (Yes/No)
Word Count
Is company exempt from filing? (Yes/No)
Reason for exemption (text)

S&P 500 Member (Yes/No)
Russell 3000 Member (Yes/No)
Russell 2000 Member (Yes/No)
Russell 1000 Member (Yes/No)
GICS Sector Code
GICS Sector Description (text)
GICS Group Code
GICS Group Description (text)
GICS Industry Code
GICS Industry Description (text)
GICS Sub-Industry Code
GICS Sub-Industry Description (text)
SIC Code

Fiscal 2022 CEO Pay Ratios

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Fiscal 2020 CEO Pay Ratios

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Fiscal 2017-2018 CEO Pay Ratios