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Woodwind Instruments

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Flute Call Numbers

M Music (scores)
M60-M64 Solo flute
M110 .P5 Solo piccolo
M240-M244 Flute with piano accompaniment 
M271 .P45  Piccolo with piano accompaniment
M1020 Flute with orchestra, full score
M1021 Flute with orchestra, Piano reduction
M1120 Flute with string orchestra, full score
M1121 Flute with string orchestra, piano reduction
M1034. P5 Piccolo with orchestra, full score
M1035 .P5 Piccolo with orchestra, piano reduction

Music literature

ML128 .F7 Bibliographies of flute music


Flute history and criticism

MT Instruction and study

Technique, methods, and etudes (Flute)

MT357 Technique, methods, and etudes (Piccolo)
MT346 Orchestral excerpts


Orchestral Excerpts

Featured Books