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NEW 140: Sexuality and Society

Sexuality studies is an emerging, rapidly-growing field of scholarship. The sources listed in this guide offer an entry point to resources that focus primarily on various aspects of sexuality studies.


Scout is UA Libraries' main search tool. You can imagine it sitting on top of all the libraries resources, and reaching into them to pull out search results. This is incredibly useful, but since we have millions of items in our collections, it can also get pretty overwhelming! Scout is a great starting point for your research, but don't stop there--subject databases will help you find different, and often more specialized, sources.

Subject Databases

Wait, what's a "database," anyway?

  • A specialized collection of information;

  • Organized by topic, subject, or discipline,

  • and/or item type.

UA Libraries subscribes to hundreds of databases, which provide access to a wealth of resources not available on the open web. Use the recommendations below to find scientific literature on your topic.

Sexuality Studies Databases - Secondary Sources

Sexuality Studies Databases - Primary Sources

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