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UH 244: Women From Antiquity to Modernity (Tatiana Summers)

Recommended library resources for research assignments in Dr. Tatiana Summers' course, Women from Antiquity to Mdernity"


On this guide, you'll find links to resources that will help you with your research projects in UH 229.

Scroll down for more biography databases, general research databases, recommended articles from the Encyclopedia of Women's History, and book recommendations to get you started.

General Research

Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in History

Recommended articles for your "Life Before Electicity" assignment:


Search or browse these databases to find biographical information about British and American women. You can explore by time period, profession, and social movements.


There are many more books in the library on this topic, but these two ebooks may be a good place to start!

Primary Source Collections

"Primary sources" are documents or items that originate in the time you are studying. They can include documents like letters, diaries, newspapers, and official records; creative works likes novels or plays; and artifacts such as pottery, clothing, and architecture.