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Women's History Month 2023 Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon


This guide contains links and resources for students participating in the 2023 Women's History Month Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon. Use these resources to get started, and let your librarians know if you have any questions about finding and using these or other additional sources!

General Resources

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Marie Stokes Jemison

Active in arts in Birmingham, co-founded Friends of Miles College, helped establish the Birmingham Public Library's Archives Department. Wrote "Wallaces' Alabama" which performed on Broadway. 1918-2004.

Jane Culbreth

Women’s activist in Jefferson County, elected to Leeds City Council, vice president and president in National Business and Professional Women. Advocated for the ERA. Has a library dedicated and named after her. 1919-2009 

Ruby Pickens Tartt

Folklorist, writer, and painter who collected oral histories, folk songs, and stories from formerly enslaved Alabamians for the Works Progress Administration's Federal Writers Project. 1880-1974.

Georgia Gilmore

Civil rights activist from Montgomery, known for her work organizing for and supporting the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She also worked to desegregate public parks in Montgomery and sheltered Freedom Riders. 1920-1990.