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GBA 371 / 372 - India, International Business

This LibGuide serves the needs of GBA 371.

Health resources

Global Burden of Disease Visualizations on India
Data visualizations concerning India's healthcare system, diseases, causes of death and financials.  Many of these are global in nature, but allow you to select a country (India) and obtain granular data regarding health and diseases.

India COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker
Harvard University's Geographic Insights group has created a visualization page that enables you to search on COVID-related data in India.  This includes vaccines, deaths, cases and much more.  This can be seen on a country-level, state-level or by district.  If you are just interested in the data all the underlying data can be downloaded into Excel.

World Health Organization - India
Overview of health statistics in India.  Click 'Visit GHO for more country information' and you will be able to see to more data items and select different years.

Indian Healthcare System Profile
Overview of quality of care, healthcare records, coverage and how the healthcare system in India works.

Transition Paths Towards Better Health Outcomes in India
Published by the Brookings Institution, this article contains descriptions of the problematic situations in the India healthcare system.  Also contains links to the Disability Adjusted Life Years data/visualizations.

Healthcare Industry in India
India Brand Equity Foundation has produced a site with extensive detail on the healthcare industry in India.  Browse through the site using the tabs at the top to find more data on the economy of India.  Has graphics, links to external reports and a great snapshot of the Indian healthcare system.