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GBA 371 / 372 - India, International Business

This LibGuide serves the needs of GBA 371.

Global Education Data

Annual Status of Education Report
This focuses on rural education in India.  The annual reports provide detailed statistics about eduction type, achievement and funding.  The most updated report is the 2020 Wave 1.  Additional information can be found in previous publications mentioned on the site.  They also have a data query, which allows you to find statistics by state for math, reading and enrollment.  ***This site works best using Chrome.***

World Inequality Database on Education
This will provide statistics on education for all countries.  You can select the Countries tab on the top and select the appropriate one.  For this class the India page will be most informative.  The site allows you to drill down on the data finding the income, ethnicity, gender, religion of people included.

Major Repositories of Authoritative Statistics
This webpage is published by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization).  It proves links to the major data sites that cover global education (or lack of). 

OECD iLibrary for India
Links to publications and statistics tables for India.  Published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, this will provide major insights to educational challenges in India.  Select the "Education at a Glance 2020" for the most updated report.  On this page, scroll down and you'll be able to read about the backgrounds of students, teachers, financials and goals for Indian education in 2020.

World Bank Education Statistics
This allows you to select a country and/or an indicator (statistic).  The list of all available stats can be found by clicking the "Available Indicators" link.  Alternatively, just select your country and get a visualization of the data they have.

UNESCO Databases of Resources on Education
As the title says, this is a list of databases focusing on global education initiatives.