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APR 426: International Public Relations

This research guide provides library resources for students in the International PR study abroad program in Saint Martin.


Hello! This guide contains library resources that will benefit the primary and secondary research that you are embarking on during your time in Saint Martin. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact the University Libraries!

Also, these resources are quite extensive and valuable. While the University Libraries cannot provide exact numbers (due to contract stipulations), here is how our head of acquisitions framed the value of these resources for students:

"The University Libraries provides unlimited site license access to online resources for all users affiliated with The University of Alabama. In most cases, licensing includes access for all users both on and off campus.

"In addition to the rich content available in the databases highlighted [in this guide], the library also provides access to a large number of general search databases as well as to print resources and streaming media.  The highlighted resources represent a cost of over $450,000 per year which provides unlimited access to faculty and students.

"The library monitors usage and works directly with faculty to ensure that the content is meeting the teaching and research mission of the university. Armed with usage data and other key metrics the library works individually and with partner institutions to negotiate pricing and licensing to ensure good stewardship of university funds."

Guide Contents

VPN Access

In order to ensure access to library resources with little friction, I highly recommend using the University's VPN service to securely connect to the campus network. You will be able to access databases off-campus regardless, but the UA VPN allows you to do without having to log in repeatedly.

OIT provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the campus VPN. They also have more information about what software you need to download in that process.

Essential Databases