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GBA 371 / 372 - India, International Business

This LibGuide serves the needs of GBA 371.


The purpose of this guide is to centralize and present a number of relevant library and internet resources pertaining to the subject of international business.

Please feel free to contact the librarian (below) assigned to your class by clicking on his/her name.


Paul Brothers

Emily Decker

Harold Goss

Mark Siciliano


Guide Contents

Links to educational statistics and data regarding India.

Food & Water
Websites on food and water availability globally and specific to India

Websites that provide statistics and visualizations on health, diseases and healthcare for India.

International Company Information
Click here for getting profiles of companies that exist outside of the US. 

Country Information
Click here for in-depth economic, financial, as well as other issues facing nations around the globe.

Economic Data & Statistics
Click here for statistics and more.

Click here for access to countless articles via 1000's of sources