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Digital Collections: Searching Collections

Basic Search

You can launch a basic keyword search from the search box that is always located at the top right of the page. For help with more targeted or complex searches, see below.

Steps to Advanced Search

  1. Advanced search defaults to searching in all of the collections. To change this, uncheck the box beside Search All Collections and check the individual collection(s) you'd like to search. You wil probably need to click the Show All button to reveal the whole list.
  2. After you've chosen the collection(s) to search, you have to click the Save button. You won't be able to move forward unless you do.
  3. The Enter Search Term section is where you put in your keyword(s); once you're done, click the Search button at the bottom of the page.
    1. The dropdown above the search box lets you choose what field to search in, for example, the title or creator.
    2. The dropdown to the right of the search box helps you group multiple keywords, if necessary. It defaults to searching for all of the words, but you can also choose any of the wordsexact phrase, or none of the words.
    3. The button at the bottom right of the section lets you add lines, to make more complex searches.
  4. On the results page, it will display the keyword(s) you used and show you how many results you got.

If you need to adjust the search, just go back into Advanced Search. You can also select and deselect collections in the lefthand sidebar.