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Library Guide for Graduate Research in English Studies: Start Here

Welcome to the Library Guide for Research and Bibliography. This guide will be useful for graduate students who are new to the University of Alabama who are unfamiliar with the tools and resources that the University Libraries offers.

University Libraries homepage

Scout quick link

Scout is the University Libraries' discovery search. It searches the library catalog,most databases and electronic resources,  and the library's digital repository Acumen. Scout is a great place to start your broad search, especially if you are looking for things on a broad topic. Scout is not the best place to find specific, known items (especially specific editions of a work.)


quicklink to ejournals pageThis is a great place to search if you are looking for a specific journal. The results will include information about which databases provide access to what resources. Of specific interest is the holdings and coverage of each title, as sometimes a journal title with a long run will be broken up into different databases, and sometimes databases will offer different ways to access the information you are looking for .


databases quick linkOver 800 databases that contain primary and secondary source materials articles, indexes, and bibliographies. There are many different types of content within our electronic databases. It's important to know what you are looking for and what you are looking at in order to find what you need (Primary and Secondary; Audio/Visual; Full Text; Index records, Bibliographies, and Abstracts, etc.)



interlibrary loan quick linkUniversity Libraries has a lot of materials, but we don’t have everything. Request anything we don’t have through Interlibrary Loan and we’ll borrow it for you!

Sara Whitver's picture
Sara Whitver

Subject Guides for Literature

I am happy to collaborate on subject guides that support specific programs and areas of study within the English Department. In order to make this happen, I need a collaborator within that specialty to reach out to me with some ideas for the guide and a vision of how it will work. I love this kind of project, so please feel free to shoot me an email to initiate the conversation!


This guide was a collaborative effort between Dr. Michelle Dowd (Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies) and Professor Sara Whitver (University Libraries).