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Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

A guide to University of Alabama resources for research on gender and sexuality

Getting Started

These databases are all good starting points for finding books and scholarly materials on gender and sexuality. For searching help, see the strategies for searching page or use the links in the box to the left to contact your librarian.

Browsing the Shelves

Most materials specifically focused on women, gender, and sexuality are in the HQ range, which you'll find on floor 3 in Gorgas. The list below breaks down the most relevant areas of the HQ range, along with some other ranges that you may want to browse and their locations. However, keep in mind that materials with information on women and gender are often categorized in other sections. For example, if you're interested in studying Frida Kahlo, works about her will be shelved under painting, in the ND range.


Gorgas Library

Lower Level

  • BF 692-692.5 - Psychology, sex and gender

Floor 3

  • HB 72 - Economics and social justice
  • HD 6053-6223 - Women and work
  • HQ 12-449 - Sexual life
  • HQ 75-76.9 - Bisexual, gay, and lesbian studies
  • HQ 503-1064 - Marriage and the family
  • HQ 1075-1075.5 - Sex roles
  • HQ 1101-2030.7 - Women and feminism
  • HQ 1121-1150 - Women's history
  • HV 6626 - Domestic abuse
  • KF 4758 - Legislation and women's rights


Floor 4

  • P 94.5 W65 - Women in the media
  • PN 471-494 - Women writers and women in literature
  • RA 564.83-564.9 - Health and gender, health and sexuality
  • RC 451-451.5 - Mental health and gender, mental health and sexuality


McLure Library (materials on education)

  • LC 212-212.93 – Discrimination and education, sex differences and education, right to education
  • LC 1200-1203 – inclusive education
  • LC 1390 – Education of men and boys
  • LC 1401-2572 – Education of women and girls
  • LC 2574 2576 – LGBT people in education
  • LD 7020-7251 – Women’s Colleges