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Nursing Reference Guide

This guide contains nursing resources and information. Links below provide a starting place for your nursing research project.

Films and Videos


R2 Digital Library   is a web-based application that aggregates health sciences book content (Inter-disciplinary) from leading publishers on a single platform.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Many more e-books are available from UA Libraries Catalog/Scout


Books and eBooks Catalog Searching At The University of Alabama


Use Scout to search for print and e-books.  Scout searches the UA Libraries catalog and some specialized databases. Very useful for quick searches.

Classic Catalog

Use Classic Catalog to search The University of Alabama Libraries' catalog. This is our traditional library catalog search engine and is most useful for specific and highly focused searches.

General Browsing for Print Books at The University of Alabama

Books are located on the second floor of Rodgers Library:

RT1-120       Nursing
RT 23 Communication in Nursing
RT 24 Nursing Writing
RT 40-41 General Nursing
RT 48  nursing assessment and diagnosis

Looking for books on Nursing?  Here are some subjects to get started:

Nursing Care

Nursing Theory

Nursing Standards

Surgical Nursing

Orthopedic Nursing

Nurse Administration

Pediatric Nursing

Patient Education

Search tip: Enter keyword(s) in the search box. Then execute the search.

Next, using the faceted search feature in the left-hand column, move to the heading labeled SOURCE TYPES and choose BOOKS. Then click on the button labeled UPDATE.

Books and eBooks at Other Libraries


Use WorldCat to search for books that The University of Alabama does not own. You can request books from other libraries through interlibrary loan.