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ECE 492 & 494: Capstone Design 1 & 2: Books

This guide provides resources for students in the two course sequence for senior design in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Books and eBooks Catalog Searching At The University of Alabama


Use Scout to search for print and e-books.  Scout searches the UA Libraries catalog and some specialized databases. Very useful for quick searches.

Classic Catalog

Use Classic Catalog to search The University of Alabama Libraries' catalog. This is our traditional library catalog search engine and is most useful for specific and highly focused searches.

Looking for print books on electrical and computer engineering? Here's where to look in Rodgers Library:

TK 1-9971 Electrical engineering, including electronics, nuclear engineering
TK 301-399 Electric meters
TK 452-454.4 Electric circuits and networks
TK 1001‑1841 Production of electricity by direct energy transmission
TK 2000-2891 Dynamoelectric machinery, including generators, motors, transformers
TK 2896-2985 Production of electric power
TK 3001-3521 Distribution or transmission of electric power
TK 4001-4102 Applications of electric power
TK 4125-4399 Electric lighting
TK 4601-4661 Electric heating
TK 5101-6720 Telecommunication
TK 5105.8 Internet, World wide web
TK 7800-8360 Electronics
TK 7885-7895 Computer engineering, computer hardware
TK 8300-8360 Photoelectronic devices
TK 9001-9401 Nuclear engineering, atomic power
TK 9900-9971 Electricity for amateurs, construction manuals
Z 5851-5853 Engineering bibliography


General Browsing for Books at The University of Alabama

Looking for books on Electrical and Computer Engineering? Here are some subjects to get started:

Selected Electronic Reference books

This is a selected list of electrical and computer engineering reference works. More can be found in the reference section on the second floor of Rodgers Library. Electrical and computer engineering reference books have call numbers that begin with REF TK and QA.

Major Engineering Reference Book Collections:

Selected eBooks