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This guide provides research resources for all departments in the College of Engineering

Call Numbers

General Browsing for Print Books at The University of Alabama

Books are located on the second floor of Rodgers Library:

TL 1-484 Motor vehicles
TL 500-777 Aeronautics, aeronautical engineering
TL 780-785.8 Rockets
TL 787-4050 Astronautics


General Browsing for Print Books at The University of Alabama

Books are located on the second floor of Rodgers Library:

TA 1-2040 Engineering (general) & Civil engineering (general)
TC 1-978 Hydraulic engineering
TE 1-450 Highway engineering
TG 1-470 Bridge engineering
TH 1-9745 Building construction


Looking for print books on computer science?  Here's where to look in Rodgers Library: 

Q 300-390 Cybernetics
Q 350-390 Information theory
QA 71-90 Instruments and machines
QA 75-76.95 Calculating machines
QA 75.5-76.95 Electronic computers, computer systems
QA 76.6-76.66 Computer programming
QA 76.75-76.765 Computer software
QA 76.8 Special computers
QA 76.9 .A25 Computer Security
QA 76.9 .A43 Computer algorithms
QA 76.9 .A73 Computer architecture
QA 76.9 .C65 Computer simulation


Looking for print books on electrical and computer engineering? Here's where to look in Rodgers Library:

TK 1-9971 Electrical engineering, including electronics, nuclear engineering
TK 301-399 Electric meters
TK 452-454.4 Electric circuits and networks
TK 1001-1841 Production of electricity by direct energy transmission
TK 2000-2891 Dynamoelectric machinery, including generators, motors, transformers
TK 2896-2985 Production of electrical power
TK 3001-3521 Distribution or transmission of electrical power
TK 4001-4102 Applications of electrical power
TK 4125-4399 Electric lighting
TK 4601-4661 Electric heating
TK 5101-6720 Telecommunication
TK 5105.8 Internet, World wide web
TK 7800-8360 Electronics
TK 7885-7895 Computer engineering, computer hardware
TK 8300-8360 Photoelectronic devices
TK 9001-9401 Nuclear engineering, atomic power
TK 9900-9971 Electricity for amateurs, construction manuals
Z 5851-5853 Engineering bibliography


Looking for print books on mechanical engineering? Here's where to look:

TJ 1-157 Mechanical engineering and machinery
TJ 170-179 Mechanics
TJ 181-210 Mechanical movements
TJ 210.2-211 Mechanical devices
TJ 227-240 Machine design and drawing
TJ 241-254.7 Machine construction
TJ 255-265 Heat engines
TJ 266-267.5 Turbines
TJ 268-740 Steam engineering
TJ 751-805 Miscellaneous motors and engines, including gasoline, diesel engines
TJ 836-927 Hydraulic machinery
TJ 950-1030 Pneumatic machinery
TJ 1125-1345 Machine shops and machine shops practice
TL 1-4050 Motor vehicles


Looking for print books and journals on metallurgical engineering? Here's where to look.

TA 401-492 Materials of engineering and construction, mechanics of materials
TN 1-997 Mining engineering, metallurgy
TN 165-205 Study and teaching of mining engineering, metallurgy
TN 263-271 Mineral deposits, metallic ore deposits, prospecting
TN 275-325 Practical mining operations, safety measures
TN 331-347 Mine transportation, haulage, and hoisting. Mining machinery
TN 400-580 Ore deposits and mining of particular metals
TN 600-799 Metallurgy
TN 799.5-948 Nonmetallic minerals
TN 950-997 Building and ornamental stones
TS 200-770 Metal manufactures, metalworking


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