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Linguistics: Citing Sources

Explore library resources related to Linguistics.

Citation Resources

What's in a citation? Every academic discipline adheres to some set of guidelines when scholars reference other scholars. Literature scholars, for instance, use MLA Style while Linguistics scholars tend to use APA Style. The following handbooks and research guides will help you create the proper citation, no matter your discipline. 



Citation Managers


RefWorks is a web-based citation-management program, available to all UA students, faculty, staff, and alumni through a UA site license. It allows users to save citations, organize and share research, and create bibliographies.


EndNote is a citation management software that allows users to create customized libraries of references, automatically create citations and bibliography matching the requirements of the selected journal or style manual, sync and share references, and more.

In addition to installing EndNote on personal or University machines, users can also access EndNote anywhere using EndNote online