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The Modern Civil Rights Movement: Primary Sources: Books

Welcome to the library guide for HY 430: The Modern Civil Rights Movement! This guide will provide you with helpful resources from the library and across the web.

Find Online Primary Source Books

General Online Book Collections:

Libraries' Catalog--searches for ebooks in the UA Libraries' databases and ebook packages, including Sabin Americana, Early English Books Online, Eighteenth Century Collections Online, and more.  Before searching, select "Electronic Resources" from the "Limit To" box to limit your search to ebooks.

Google Books--find citations to thousands of online books.  Some charge a fee, but others are fully available online for free.

HathiTrust--a group of over 50 libraries offer this ebook collection.

Internet Archive--increasingly one of the best sources of  ebooks.

***Google's main search page searches some, but not all, of the contents of Google Books, Hathi, and Internet Archive

Books at Gorgas Library

Find Primary Sources Books in Other Libraries

Did you know that you can find books from other libraries and often have them mailed to UA for free?

WorldCat searches the catalogs of thousands of Libraries across the United States at the same time, and you can use Interlibrary Loan(ILL) to order the books that you find in WorldCat that are not available at UA.


Historians find some of the best sources by browsing the library--they spend time walking around the shelves and scanning over books. Here is a browsing guide for Gorgas Library: 

D=World History (Lower Level, basement)

DA=Great Britain




DJK=Eastern Europe




E=American History (Floor 2M)

E 75=Native Americans

E 101=Discovery of America

E 184.5 African-Americans

E 186 Colonial Times

E 201 Revolution

E 311 Washington Administration

E 337.5 The 1800s

E 410 Mexican-American War

E 415.6 Middle 1800s

E 441 Slavery

E 456 Civil War

E 660 Reconstruction

E 740 The 1900s

E 806 FDR

E 838 The 1960s and Afterwards

E860 Watergate

E 895 The 2000s

F Local History of the United States and Latin America (Floor 2M)

F 296 Gulf States

F 321 Alabama

F 1201 Latin America

F 1201 Mexico

F 1421 Central America

F 1601 Caribbean

F 2201 South America


Other important areas for history students are BR (History of Christianity, Lower Level), CB (Ancient and Medieval, Lower Level), HN (Social History, Floor 2M), HQ (Women's History, Floor 2M), Art (N, Floor 3), Military and Naval (U and V, Floor 4M).