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The Writing Center at UA

If you struggle with writing consider visiting the Writing Center. Free to all students, tutors can help you at every stage of the writing process. 

How do I cite my sources?

Citation Managers

What is a citation manager? 

A citation manager is a software that works alongside your internet browser and file management system to collect, organize, share, and cite sources you find while researching. 

Why use a citation manager? 

Here are some things you can do with a citation manager:

  • Keep track of resources (books, article, videos, documents, etc.) that you've viewed
  • Automatically collect the information needed for citations 
  • Automatically download or find a PDF of the article
  • Create and organize folders and lists of resources
  • Insert citations as you write
  • Automatically generate bibliographies for most style guides
  • Create a shared resource list with your group partners

To get started with using a citation manager, check out the guides below!

A note from the author: I really wish I would have known about citation managers when I was an undergraduate. I highly recommend looking into using one. It saves SO much time and makes research projects easier. - Cheers!