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The South: Culture and History: Cajuns

This library guide is designed for researchers studying any topics related to the South's culture and history.


Cajun-Americans have an incredibly rich culture.  For a good introduction to the fascinating history of Cajun-Americans, please see this essay from Southern Spaces.

The Council  for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) seeks to preserve and promote Cajun and other French cultures in Louisiana.  "CODOFIL and the Fondation Louisiane invite you to learn more about what we do and about why the defense and growth of the French language in Louisiana are important to us. We also invite you to join us in this fight, helping us defend Louisiana's francophone heritage and future."  Click here to visit the CODOFIL site.

Cajun News Orleans news sources.

Experiencing Cajun Culture


"The Acadian Museum, located in the heart of Cajun country in Erath, Louisiana, commemorates and honors the Acadian heritage and Cajun people of Louisiana."

The Simi Valley Cajun Festival is an "an annual event hosted by the Simi Sunrise Rotary Club to benefit both Cajun heritage and the people of Simi Valley and surrounding areas."

French in Alabama--French, Creole, and Cajun restaurants, historic sites, associations, and more.

Official Tourism Site of Louisiana view photos of festivals, museums, historic sites.

General Resources

  • Academic Search Premier -Very useful for starting an article search.  Contains articles from thousands of magazines, journals, and newspapers. 
  • America: History and Life-the premier database for secondary sources in American history. Finds state journals, including Louisiana history journals.
  • Google Scholar--University of Alabama's portal for Google Scholar.  Google Scholar is a special part of Google that only finds scholarly articles.  As a UA student, you can access the texts of many of these articles by clicking the links that say "Full-Text @ UAlabama".
  • JSTOR-contains thousands of articles from history, political science, American studies.

Cajuns came to southern Louisiana from Canada centuries ago.  Other French peoples came directly to Louisiana from France.  New Orleans and Baton Rouge are centers of French culture in Louisiana, but Lafayette, located in the center of the state, is considered to be the capital of Cajun Louisiana. 

Zydeco, Swamp Pop, and More Music

Have you ever heard Zydeco, Swamp Pop, or Cajun Music?  All of these musical styles have a unique sound and history.  Find out more about Cajun-influenced musical forms through the links and video below!

A Brief History of Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco Music

Cajun Music: Alive and Well in Louisiana

Cajun Music mp3

ARNB.ORG, Cajun and Zydeco Music Event Schedules for the World

Zydeco Historical and Preservation Society, Inc., Uniting the Zydeco Nation

Swamp Pop Music Links