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The South: Culture and History: Asian-Americans

This library guide is designed for researchers studying any topics related to the South's culture and history.

Journal Articles

You can start a journal article search with the Journal of Asian American Studies

These databases can also help:

  • Academic Search Premier -Very useful for starting an article search.  Contains articles from thousands of magazines, journals, and newspapers. 
  • America: History and Life-the main database for articles about American history and culture.
  • Google Scholar--University of Alabama's portal for Google Scholar.  Google Scholar is a special part of Google that only finds scholarly articles.  As a UA student, you can access the texts of many of these articles by clicking the links that say "Full-Text @ UAlabama".
  • JSTOR-contains thousands of articles from key journals in history, political science, sociology, women's studies, and African-American studies.
  • Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center--offers articles that you help you argue a point of view, like for or against the death penalty.


Asian Americans have lived in the South since the 1700s, perhaps even earlier.  Filipino sailors settled in Louisiana in the 1760s, creating towns like Manila Village in the bayous (Mabuhay Pilipino!).  These early settlements marked the beginning of a process of immigration that saw people from many Asian countries migrate to the Southern states.  The resources on this page can help you research Asian American history and culture in the South.

Starting Your Research:

Asian Americans in the South--a good article about the impact Asian-Americans are having on the region's politics.


Partly Colored: Asian Americans and Racial Anomaly in the Segregated South / Leslie Bow.

The History and Immigration of Asian Americans / edited with introductions by Franklin Ng.

Georgia’s East Asian Connection, 1733-1983 / Jonathan Goldstein, volume editor.

Asian Immigrants in the South (Chapter in Google Book, page 100)

Asian American News Sources

Asian American Newspapers

Associations of Asian Americans

Ethnic NewsWatch (use the "Ethnic Group" feature to limit to "Asian/Pacific Islander")

Chinese in Mississippi

For a case study of Asian Americans in the South, read Charles Wilson Reagan's interesting article Chinese in Mississippi: An Ethnic People in a Biracial Society

Vietnamese Immigration

You can listen to accounts of Vietnamese people who fled their native country during and after the Vietnam War and came to the American Southeast on this site:

University of Southern Mississippi's Center for Oral History.

(Scroll down to "Vietnamese Americans of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Oral History Project featured with Smithsonian Journey Stories Traveling Exhibit")