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Creating Data Management & Sharing Plans (DMSPs)

This guide is designed to get you started on writing Data Management (& Sharing) Plans for grant proposals.

DMSP Planning Worksheet NIH Changes and Library Resources Workshop FAQTemplates

DMPTool - Build your data management Plan

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2023 Policy Changes

NIH grants submitted on or after January 25, 2023 must follow the updated Data Management & Sharing Policy.

Individual centers and institutes may have additional data sharing requirements.

The DMSP combines several prior data management forms including the Genomic Data Management Plan and the Resource Sharing Plan. A Model Organism Sharing Plan still needs to be submitted separately. 

The major changes include: 

  • Requirement of a 2-page DMSP upon proposal submission
  • Documented compliance with your DMSP
  • Data must be made publicly available for 3-years starting at time of publication or conclusion of grant funding - which ever comes first.

Additionally, the changes call for PI's to maximize data sharing and include information on data sharing when collecting informed consent. 

What does that mean for researchers? 

Importantly, data management plans will NOT impact priority scoring during submission. If the DMS Plan cannot be approved at the time of submission, applicants will be notified that additional information is needed and allowed to revise and resubmit. 

Additionally, your DMSP may be updated as your project evolves. 

Last updated 04-APR-2023

Additional Data Management Policies

Specific Institute, Center, or Research Program Data Policies

Depending on your research topic, funding opportunity, or connected institute or center, there may be additional data management policies and requirements that must be noted in your DMS Plan. Some policies may specify repository restrictions, procedures for anonymizing data, or data-sharing timelines. 

Genomic Data Sharing Policies

DMS Plan Components


Generally the requirements follow the same outline as many DMPs, asking for information on:

  • Data type, including metadata, and what data will be shared after the project
  • Related software, tools, and code needed for use and recreation
  • Data standards to ensure consistency of the scientific data and metadata
  • Data preservation, access, and associated timelines covering how you plan to make the data available to the public 
  • Access, distribution, and reuse considerations that may be affected by other policies, laws, regulations, and privacy concerns. 
  • Oversight of the data management plan compliance during the project. 

For more information on each section, see their website Writing a Data Management & Sharing Plan. The NIH provides lots of additional guidance including templates and sample plans.

Informed Consent

Although not required by the NIH Open Data Policy, it is strongly encouraged for researchers to include information on your data management and sharing plans when collecting informed consent. Other policies such as the NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy may still apply as well as any other policies at your institution.