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UA LibGuides Author Guide: Tools

Best practices, guidelines, training, and support for UA LibGuides authors.


The Tools menu is available via Dashboard > Tools.

Tools menu

Available tools include:

  • API Utility
  • Widgets
  • RSS Feeds
  • Link Checker
  • Add Bookmarklet

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API Utility

You can use the API Utility to easily display LibGuides data on any website: in your guides, on a website or blog, in Blackboard Learn, etc..

The API data you can display includes:

  • List of guides/pages with links
  • List of subjects with links
  • List of users with links
  • User profile
  • Search box
  • Content box
  • Tag cloud

Examples are available in Springshare's Widgets & API Utility Guide: API Examples.

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You can use Widgets to easily display lists of guides, on a website or blog, in Blackboard Learn, etc..

Available lists include:

  • All of your published guides
  • One published guide selected at random
  • All published guides which contain certain tags
  • A manually selected list of guides

Examples are available in Springshare's Widgets & API Utility Guide: Widgets.

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RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow subscribers to keep up with changes made to the UA LibGuides site. URLs for RSS feeds are available via Dashboard > Tools > RSS Feeds.

Available feeds include:

  • Site Updates, or updates made to all published guides in the system
  • User Updates, or updates made to guides owned by a particular author
  • Guide Updates, or updates made to a selected published guide

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Link Checker

To comply with the Guidelines & Best Practices, you'll need to "check the links located within LibGuides (both internal and external) and fix or remove links that no longer work."

The Link Checker function will let you know of any broken links in certain types of boxes in your guides. Links added to Rich Text boxes or through the Rich Text editor (the "Add/Edit Text" link below the box title but above your box content) in any other boxes are not checked! That's why guide authors are encouraged to use these box types when possible:

  • Simple Web Links
  • Links & Lists
  • Books from the Catalog
  • RSS Feeds
  • Dates & Events
  • Podcast Feeds
  • User Link Submission
  • Interactive Poll

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Add Bookmarklet