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UA LibGuides Author Guide: Boxes

Best practices, guidelines, training, and support for UA LibGuides authors.

About Boxes

To add content to your guide, you have to use boxes.

Every box has a rich text portion (the "Add/Edit Text" link below the box title but above your box content), and the functionality of the box is at the bottom.

link box with sections described

There are many different kinds of boxes, but, in order to make full use of the Link Checker and statistics functions, guide authors are especially encouraged to use these box types instead of Rich Text boxes when possible:

  • Simple Web Links
  • Links & Lists
  • Books from the Catalog
  • Documents & Files
  • RSS Feeds
  • Podcast Feeds
  • Dates & Events
  • User Link Submission
  • Interactive Poll

Guide authors are also encouraged to reuse and link to- not copy- boxes whenever possible, especially ones from the UA LibGuides Repository.

Related Resources & How To's

Copying & Pasting

Please be careful whenever you copy & paste anything from Word documents, websites, etc.- even from LibGuides!

When you copy, in addition to copying the text, you also copy a lot of stuff that can effect the layout of your box or even the whole page.

To copy/paste content, please use:

  • Plain Text Editor tab
  • Paste from Word (Paste from Word icon.)
  • Remove Formatting (remove formatting icon)

These options will strip out the extra stuff in the background, leaving you with text you can easily format.

Depending on your browser, you may also be able to right-click and select "Paste as plain text."

Box Types

A full list of box types is available via the Springshare's Box Types guide linked below. These are some of the more popular boxes types used by UA LibGuides authors.