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UA LibGuides Author Guide: Replace an Old Guide with a New One

Best practices, guidelines, training, and support for UA LibGuides authors.

Replacing an Old Guide with a New One

When making a new guide to supercede another guide, be sure to follow these extra steps:

  • When the new guide is ready, change the status of the old guide to Unpublished and, after making note of the Friendly URL, remove it (both of these things can be done by going to Guide Settings > Change Guide Information in the old guide).
  • Give the new guide the Friendly URL and previosuly assigned to the old one.
  • If you want the new guide to appear in the same lists as the old one, be sure to assign the same tags and associate it with the same subjects.
  • If you'd rather not delete the old guide, be sure to change its title to something like "Old History Guide" to distinguish it from the one currently in use.