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UA LibGuides Author Guide: Back Up & Delete

Best practices, guidelines, training, and support for UA LibGuides authors.

Back Up Your Guides

Springshare performs nightly backups of all LibGuides content, but it's a good idea to occasionally create backups of your guides, especially if you're about to make major changes. You can also follow these instructions to create a local backup prior to deleting a guide.

To create a text-based version of the guide, go to the guide you'd like to back up, then select Guide Settings > Create Backup. You can then save the HTML file on your computer.

Create Backup

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Before Deleting a Guide

Before you delete a guide:

  • Create a text-based backup (Guide Settings > Create Backup) and save it to your computer.
  • To preserve a record of the guide's visual appearance, save or print each page as a PDF.
    • The best way to do this will vary, depending on your computer, software, and browser. You might select a "Convert current web page to a PDF" button in your browser, right-click on the page and select Print, Save as, or Create PDF, or take screenshots with the Snipping Tool (Windows), Grab (Mac), Print Screen, or a screen capture application.
  • You might also save or print a final set of statistical reports for the guide.

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