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UA LibGuides Author Guide: G&BP: Responsibilities of LibGuides Creators

Best practices, guidelines, training, and support for UA LibGuides authors.

Responsibilities of LibGuide Creators

What the Guidelines & Best Practices Say

a. Follow the guidelines in this document.
b. Use the approved template to the greatest extent possible when creating a LibGuide.
c. Create LibGuides for assigned subject areas and, as needed, for courses and other academic requests.
d. Make full use of the repository; if an item you need is not in the repository, please place a request with the LibGuides Administrator.

Review guides at least once per semester to:

1.Refresh a guide with new material.
2.Remove older, out‐of‐date, or inaccurate content.
3.Check the links located within LibGuides (both internal and external) and fix or remove links that no longer work.
4.Make changes as needed so that the guide complies with current guidelines.

e. Resolve issues within the time frame given by the LibGuides Administrator.
f. Ask the LibGuides Administrator for information and help as needed.

"LibGuides Guidelines and Best Practices," p. 2

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