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UA LibGuides Author Guide: LibGuides Task Force

Best practices, guidelines, training, and support for UA LibGuides authors.

LibGuides Task Force (2012)

The LibGuides Task Force was established in March 2012 and made “responsible for reviewing standards and guidelines for the use of LibGuides by the University of Alabama Libraries. Standards and guidelines should address content as well as design and should address the integration of content into the Libraries’ website.”

The Task Force was charged with:

  • creating recommendations for use of LibGuides
  • creating a template for creating guides
  • advising on oversight of the guides and how to monitor adherence to the standards and guidelines
  • recommendations for who is responsible for oversight and monitoring adherence
  • models and topics for training

The LibGuides Task Force presented its recommendations to the Associate Deans in May, and the attached LibGuides Best Practices and Guidelines were approved on July 5, 2012.

Members of the Task Force:

LibGuides Task Force (2010)

The 2012 Task Force would also like to acknowledge the work of the original LibGuides Task Force, which established initial recommendations for the use of LibGuides and worked with guide authors to transfer relevant guides in previous formats to LibGuides.

Backups of the LibGuides: A Guide for UA Authors guide produced by members of the original task force are linked below. Additional information about the original LibGuides Task Force is available via the UA Libraries Intranet.