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UA LibGuides Author Guide: G&BP: Templates & the LibGuides Repository

Best practices, guidelines, training, and support for UA LibGuides authors.

Templates and the LibGuides Repository

What the Guidelines & Best Practices Say

a. The LibGuides Administrator has created a repository within LibGuides containing commonly used, reusable content, located at

b. A template reflecting these guidelines will be provided to LibGuides authors.  While we expect everyone to use this template, we recognize that there will be times when one size does not fit all.  When altering a pre‚Äźcreated template, work with the LibGuides Administrator and follow the guidelines. The template is located at

If you need something created that is not in the repository, please contact the LibGuides Administrator.

c. Prior to adding content to a guide, please check the repository for availability of content such as links, videos and tutorials.

"LibGuides Guidelines and Best Practices," p. 2

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